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Count on JBM Program to help reduce the risk of illness and infection in your office while creating an exceptionally clean facility.

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We could tell you we're leader in the commercial cleaning industry. That we continuously win awards. And, that we've been in business since mullets were in style.

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To promote economic growth and independence for a diverse group of Business Owners by providing business ownershp opportunities.

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To be recognized as the leading JBM brand in the commercial cleaning industry, providing consistent, high-quality, innovative and value-based solutons to our customers.

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About Us


  • Jay’s Building Maintenance (JBM) started its business at Raleigh in 1994 as a subcontractor.
  • Started servicing Wake Radiology since 1999 as a direct contractor.
  • Serving Wake Radiology for years without a problem using our proven skills & services allowed JBM to serve all of Wake Radiology facilities by the end of 2004.
  • Started servicing Access Medical Development & Garner Internal Medicine in 2004.
  • Started servicing Rex Health Care and Capital Associates in 2005.
  • Started Servicing Coldwell Bankers Trademark Commercial Properties in 2006.
  • Started Servicing AIHF and CBRE in 2006.
  • Our supervisors and employees, currently totaling 89, are specially trained to provide optimal cleaning service.

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JBM is

the best building maintenance company with the best systems.

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Facilities of all types and sizes benefit from the JBM program


Start the day knowing your workplace is ready for business.


Put patient health and safety first with a clean facility.


Feel confident your fitness center is clean and smells clean every time.


Create a better brand experience for your customers.


Stay focused on learning and caring, not germs.


Get the job done in a clean work environment.


About Us

Integrity. Mutual Respect. Honesty. Trust. Team. These five important values are the building blocks that constitute the JBM Value System. First, each of us brings our integrity to work with us every day. Integrity guides our decisions, actions and interactions. Second, is mutual respect. Every employee, customer and business associate deserves to be treated with respect. Next, is honesty. In situations good or bad, when you are honest you will find the right solutions.