Commercial Services

Healthcare Cleaning Services

Medical Office

JBM started off with cleaning medical spaces. Because of our start in this area, we are familiar with OSHA to cleaning guidelines, safety precautions, and the importance of killing germs and bacteria. We use hospital grade chemicals to make sure that we are in line with the requirements and work with you to make a customized plan so that you can rest assured when inspections come around!

Dental Office

JBM understands the importance of hygiene and a germ free facility. We have been cleaning dental offices for over ten years! Our experience makes us knowledgeable and trustworthy to know what we are doing so that you can operate your practice with peace of mind.

Day Surgery/Outpatient

We know that with any surgery centers, cleanliness and a sanitary environment is the key to keeping patients and doctors safe. No one wants to have surgery in a dirty area and doctors do not want to perform surgeries in dirty areas as it increases the risk. We have a long history with cleaning surgical centers and are able to keep the areas clean for the safety of everyone.

About Us

Integrity. Mutual Respect. Honesty. Trust. These four important values are the building blocks for JBM's impeccable service. We strive to support our employees and provide our customers with the services they need to do business well.