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Bonnet and steam extraction cleaning

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Special Event Cleaning

Because our services are customized to meet your specific needs, we understand that sometimes there are special events that take place. Maybe a celebration, a meeting, a showing, or just an event to bring people together. We understand this and offer special event cleaning because we understand that events can cause spills, accidents, extra trash, and just could use an extra cleaning to make sure the building is in top shape for the regular work day the next day.


Maintaining clean furniture is important to set a high standard for visitors, whether it be guests, patients, or clients. JBM understands the importance of this and offers upholstery and furniture cleaning, such as steam cleaning for freshness.

What’s in your Janitor’s closet

We at JBM believe that a clean building starts in the janitor's closet. A messy, disorganized closet usually means that the building will be in the same condition. We take pride in keep clean and organized janitor’s closets for quick access and of course includes a MSDS Binder.

Green Cleaning

  • Green Seal products meet all GS-37 & GS-40 requirements
  • All equipment meets USGBC standards for noise levels, VOC emissions and efficiencies
  • Partnered with Brame to help facilitate training of new products and procedures
  • All equipment is CRI approved and certified

Initial Cleaning

  • Ensures a smooth transition and establishes new standards
  • Important process to get buildings up to standard and for easier up
    - keepIt is easier to maintain than constantly try to catch up.
    - Limits customer complaints which means happy clients
  • Walkthrough with property managers to get familiar with the building and meet the tenants to see if they have any special requests to set up the ideal customized cleaning plan

About Us

Integrity. Mutual Respect. Honesty. Trust. These four important values are the building blocks for JBM's impeccable service. We strive to support our employees and provide our customers with the services they need to do business well.